To Catch A Killer - AD Introduction

AD Introduction of To Catch A Killer

To catch a Killer is an atmospheric procedural crime thriller drama movie that revolves around an up and coming yet troubled police officer who the FBI recruit to help lead the search for a disturbing serial killer terrorizing the city of Baltimore in the state of Maryland USA.

The gripping opening scene starts on a cold snowy festive New Year’s Eve. The cities full of joy with the crack and bang of colourful fireworks, replete with people partying or going about their business when suddenly out of now where an unseen deadly sniper kills twenty nine people.

The subsequent methodical man hunt unfurls, whilst gazing into the internal politics and bureaucracy at the FBI. The film maintains a tense haunted atmosphere between the peaks of skilfully realised action. The palette of the movie is dark and moody the colour drained from most scenes bar the vibrancy of a department store and its food hall. The powerful use of string music contrasts with horrific scenes of violence.

Leading up the investigation is Geoffrey Lammark a white male in his late 50’s. His narrow face is softly lined. Standing just shy of 6ft tall he’s of a slender build, his once black hair turned to grey. His attire consists mainly of smart dark suits worn with a tie. He’s focused, charismatic and commanding. An ornery long in the tooth high ranking FBI agent with little respect for the local police and resistant to the upper echelons of authority.

Eleanor Falco an ambitious low-level beat cop with something to prove is recruited by Lammark to help profile and track the work of the unstable serial killer. Falco herself has a troubled history of depression, self-harm and addiction. An emotionally scarred loner ill at ease with the world. That said she’s smart and resourceful, relying on her instincts and wits. Falco is a tall slim white woman in her late twenties seen either in her Baltimore Police Department uniform or jeans and winter’s coat. She has a round neat featured face with long reddish-brown hair.

Lammarks only other trusted teammate is the respected FBI Agent Jack Mackenzie. A tall black male in his mid-thirties, he has short cut hair with a neat beard and moustache. He has an affable disposition and is welcoming to rookie Falco. Mackenzie wears his FBI uniform or dons’ civilian clothes for their surveillance or undercover operations.

Beyond the central trio are the supporting characters of Sean Marquand an FBI Case Agent. In his mid 40’s, white of a portly build, tough and laconic. He works alongside his colleague Case Agent Oliver Krupp a white male of a similar age. Intense with blacked rimmed glasses.

Suspect Rodney Lang, white, late 30’s short and stocky, mop of curly black hair with a moustache and beard tinged with grey.

Jesse Capleton, white in his 40’s, Lieutenant Governor sleek and sly as a snake.

Nathan Trammel, the director of the FBI. A white-haired man in his 60’s.

Frank Reinberg, director of FBI counter terrorism. White in his 50’s.

The sniper for spoiler purposes remains anonymous.