Smothered - AD Introduction

Smothered - AD Introduction


Smothered is a 2023 Sky Comedy, not-so-typical London-based, rom-com television series, created by Monica Heisey and starring Danielle Vitalis as Sammy, a young, ferociously independent, modern woman who’s had enough with dating apps, immature men and just wants a good time.  Also starring Jon Pointing who plays Tom, a gentle, warm-hearted man who’s never been interested in swiping left or right; at first glance he might appear somewhat of a square, but he also carries his fair share of baggage.  Fated to cross paths, their meet cute in a colleague-encouraged karaoke night begins a twisting tale of two souls destined to be together. As their two worlds collide, will romance blossom or the will the pressures of modern dating take its toll?  The two strangers embark on a no strings attached, three-week love affair – with one condition – after that, they never speak again.  Sharing nothing but their first names, the sex and sparks of love can’t be ignored until Sammy makes a shocking discovery…

Sammy is black and in her mid-twenties, with shoulder length straight black hair which she wears in different styles, sometimes died with a subtle tint of different colours, like purple or green.  Occasionally she sports a fringe with her hair framing her face, other times a simple middle parting. She has a slim figure and often wears vivid purple eyeshadow.   She opts for delicate gold necklaces and stylish gold hoop earrings and often her fingers are laden with various large and small rings.  Sammy is a hard worker, who plays even harder but has a kind, happy smile, and warm eyes.

Sammy lives in a small apartment that more closely resembles student digs, with an open kitchen living space straight from the door, a dirty hob, shared bathroom, and a hotchpotch of furniture.  Sammy shares the apartment with her two flat mates, Farrah, and AJ.   Farrah is a white woman, in her mid to late thirties, with short blonde hair which is styled in a semi bob with a swept over fringe.  Her blue eyes never fail to convey her true emotions which seem to range from mild indifference to unabashed patronising superiority. She’s opinionated, dry and fiercely protective of Sammy.  AJ is Farrah’s opposite in terms of temperament and style, more relaxed and quirky, she has a delicate septum nose ring and wears lots of other rings on her fingers.  She has soft brown skin, with braided hair often worn under various bucket hats.  She likes to wear jean dungarees over large hoodies, or baggie tops.

Sammy works at a contemporary interior design studio, housed in low brick arches tucked away on a renovated side street.  It’s full of plants, wood, smooth metal, and bare brickwork and has large glass windows along each arch.  She works alongside Raina who is in her early to mid-forties.  She’s a white woman, with long dark brown hair often worn in a ponytail, and with a fringe. She uses a motorised wheelchair and she’s short of stature at around four ft.

They are working to renovate an old building for Gillian a restaurant owner.  She’s Irish in her mid-thirties, with a slim build, long dark hair, and blue, almost grey eyes. She’s white and average height and wears bright red and pink lipsticks.  She has the relaxed authority of someone with money, and oozes the confidence of wealth, while wearing chic fashion oversized jackets and shirts, usually with bright colours.  The restaurant construction site is within what looks like an old factory, with very high ceilings, green pipes and machinery and white tiled pillars.

Sammy tries and fails to avoid Max an old, regrettable but tempting flame.  He’s 30, mixed ethnicity, and is somewhat taller than Sammy.  He has long brown, twisted locks, tied in a knot on top of his head, a moustache that touches both corners of his mouth and tattooed words run along the side of his left forearm. Farrah is not a fan and makes no secret of her immense dislike for his cocky and brash personality.

David is Sammy’s dad.  A handsome, black American man in his fifties with short black hair, a well-trimmed goatee and moustache with five o’clock shadow on his cheeks. He’s fit and around average height.
Olivia is Sammy’s buxom, taller, and older sister with long black hair and dark eyes, she’s married to Mark and is a mum of two.


Tom is a white man in his mid-thirties, around 5ft 11 with thick shoulders and good physique.  He has short dark-blonde hair and blue eyes, with a soft smile.  He wears modest and mostly plain clothes, often favouring jeans and a tucked in shirt, or the classic round neck jumper.

He lives in a small but cute terraced house on a quiet London Street, with well-kept tall bushes hugging the brick wall either side of the living room window, and potted plants in the tiny gated front garden. He co-parents his 6-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, Ellie, and she lives with him half of the week. She has long dark brown hair and dark eyes.

Tom works in canary wharf for a company called Montrose with its offices inside a tall building. Here roam Jordan and Mims, Tom’s friends, and colleagues.  Mims is Tom’s sweet and unassuming manager.  She’s in her mid-twenties, and of east Asian, Chinese descent. She has a bright tuft of purple fringe, surrounded by long black hair that she sometimes wears in ponytails either side of her head.  She’s curvaceous and wears colourful loud clothes but has a gentle demeanour.  Jordan is close friends with Mims and sits next to Tom in the office, offering sarcastic and barbed remarks, with his smug, but playful personality.   Jordan is tall and white, with a skinny build, blue eyes, and sharp cheekbones.  He has blonde medium length hair, styled with a middle parting, and combed behind his ears.  He often wears cardigans over t-shirts, cropped trousers that show his ankles, with long white socks and trainers.  He wears a small, thin, gold hoop earring in his left ear and favours a pearl necklace.

Will they? Won't they? Should they? Shouldn't they? Find out when Smothered arrives 7th December 2023 on Sky Comedy.

Smothered is a Sky Original and this audio introduction was written and narrated by Davide Arbisi who also provides the Audio Description for the series.