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Sign up to our new Sky Befriending line

Loneliness is a growing social issue. 1.4m over 65s would say they struggle with loneliness and 225,000 of over 65s can go a whole week without talking to anyone. The population’s getting older and the way we interact with each other is changing. And what’s more, feelings of isolation have only been made worse during the pandemic.

Our whole purpose is built around keeping people connected and we believe we’ve got a responsibility to go beyond just doing that with our products and services. We believe we can be a force for good and keep people connected to each other. We want to play our part by using the passion and power of our people to help drive real change.

That’s why we’re committed to tackling loneliness amongst our older customers and in the communities where we live and work.

Back in September 2020, we opened our befriending line – calls between our brilliant colleagues and some of our older customers. The chats are scheduled weekly for up to one hour and our customers choose the day and time that works best for them. We’ve already formed some great friendships and we get just as much out of it as our customers do.

If you or someone you know are interested in our weekly friendship calls, then we’d love to hear from you. Sign up to Sky befriending here and we’ll be in touch to tell you more.

We look forward to chatting soon.