Arthur's Whisky - AD Introduction

Arthur's Whisky - AD Introduction

Arthur’s Whisky is an endearing British feel good comedy film, directed, and produced by Stephen Cookson from a script by Alexis Zegerman.

Joan, a newly widowed woman in her early 70’s, discovers her deceased inventor husband Arthur had created an anti-aging elixir which she shares with her two best friends Linda and Susan.

The film follows a hilarious and poignant journey where the ladies seize a second chance to live in the moment and revisit their twenties whilst negotiating being youthful in the modern world.

Joan played by Patricia Hodge is a white woman. She has pale softly lined creamy skin. Her faded rich chestnut hair has given way to a lighter honey shade and is worn short around her narrow face. Her grey blue eyes are deep set, and her lips are painted a ruby red. She is of average height and has a slim frame.

Joan is dignified, thoughtful and measured. She often wears autumnal coloured clothes with a long green shapeless quilted coat. She has a ginger cat and likes to spend time on her allotment.

Linda, played by Diane Keaton is a tall white woman in her late 60’s. Her sleek thick mid length grey hair with a central parting, frames her square face. She has a broad smile with perfect teeth. Her green eyes sit behind tortoiseshell rimmed glasses. She speaks with the hint of a soft American accent.

She is dignified and stylish. Often seen wearing a long woollen camel coloured coat accessorised with a wide leather belt and a bowler hat. She enjoys yoga and spin classes to keep her neat figure in trim.

Susan, played by Lulu is a petite white Scottish woman in her late 60’s. She has a wide-open cherubic face. Her blonde hair is worn up in a casual tussled manner. Her deep fringe brushes against her eyelashes surrounding her blue doe eyes. She wears large round black rimmed glasses which partially hides the soft laughter line creases, which have taken up residence in the corners of her eyes and around her mouth.

She has a sunny disposition and is fun loving. She wears bright spring colours and flat canvas sneakers. She enjoys cooking and has a keen sense of smell.

The three girlfriends live in an arts and crafts architecturally styled retirement village. Aerial views showcase its geometrical design. The village contains a gothic church, village hall, a charity shop, clubhouse, allotment, putting and bowls green.

In the middle of the picturesque beautifully landscaped village, full of listed buildings, is a central green space with a lush carpet of grass and a large roundabout. The model village is buffered by verdant wooded areas and a golf course.

Rows of mews style cottages share communal gardens, one of which houses Arthur’s Shed with a lightning rod attached to the roof. A strike to this caused his untimely demise.

The friends younger rejuvenated twenty-something counterparts are portrayed by…

Esme Lonsdale as Joan. This more free-spirited version of herself has long chestnut brown hair layered around her face. Her bright eyes are alive with the zest of youth and her clear milky skin is line free.

Genevieve Gaunt is cast in the role of a more fun loving, bright eyed, enthusiastic incarnation of Linda. Her long thick dark brown straight hair is worn with a fringe stylishly complimenting her neat featured radiant face.

Hannah Howland is in the role of the younger more energetic fresh-faced Susan with rosy cheeks and full lips. Her long blonde hair cascades over her shoulders. Her vibrant blue eyes shine bright against her dreamy aura.

Also starring…

Adil Ray as James. A charming man in his late 30’s, an old soul for his age. He is of distant South American heritage. He has a square jawline, high cheekbones and a straight prominent nose. He is the owner of a mobile food wagon near Sherwood Forest.

The three friends travel to Las Vegas to fulfil one of Linda’s bucket list dreams, where they meet…

David Harewood as Hal. A sophisticated handsome black man in his 60’s. He is clean shaven with flawless skin, short cropped curly hair and thick black rimmed glasses. He wears a sharp black suit embroidered with an all over red floral design. He is the co-owner of a casino hotel in Las Vegas.

Lawrence Chaney a Scottish plus sized drag queen in his late twenties. His alter ego is Lucy Rulz. Lucy sports a dark brown beehive styled wig and wears a purple princess ballgown covered in crystals. Her flamboyant makeup is perfectly executed to match. She is the MC for Boy George’s show.

Boy George as himself performs on stage in a Las Vegas theatre. He wears one of his trademark oversized hats and an extravagant rhine stone encrusted black suit. His smoky made-up eyes are defined with black eyeliner and a heavy coating of mascara.

Back in England post their trip to America we’re introduced to…

Hayley Mills as Karen, Joan’s long-lost friend, she’s a well-spoken white lady in her 70’s with wavy ivory coloured hair. She has large sparkly blue eyes and a softly lined face marking out the map of her life. She lies in her hospital bed in colourful floral pyjamas and wears matching pearl earrings and necklace.

Bill Paterson is Karen’s ex-husband Henry, he’s a white man in his 70’s with a welcoming face and a neat moustache and beard. He wears green corduroy trousers with a brown cardigan over a plaid shirt.

Rounding out the star-studded cast are…

Tom Stourton as Joan’s 30 something under achieving son. A tall man with a mop of sandy hair and a short, cropped beard. His face is a blend of soft and hard features, an intriguing mix of his emotionally challenging upbringing and his gentle nature.

Paul Antony-Barber as Karl, Linda’s ex playboy husband, is a white 70-year-old man still clinging onto his youth. He wears his shirt with the collar turned up and the top two buttons undone, revealing his differing length gold chains.

Jaime Winstone as Sharon, Karl’s fiancé, is a white woman in her 30’s. She has a fake tan, extra white teeth and a face full of make-up. She wears large silver hooped earrings and a plunging top.

Arthur’s Whisky airs on January 1st, 2024, at 14.20 on Sky Cinema Premiere. Audio description by Penelope Parisi.